Are You a True F1 Fan? Find out about the 3 Types of Racegoers

So another F1 weekend is here and I can’t help noticing what they have all have in common. It seems that they have something for everyone! What I love about the F1 is that no matter what race you go to, you always see the same ‘types’ of people. Are you a true F1 fan?


Let me break it down for you:


‘The fans’: I love Lewis / I love Vettel / I love Ferrari / McLaren / Mercedes / Red Bull


These are people who wear their heart and allegiance on their sleeve, t-shirt and/or cap.
They want their driver to win; these guys know their F1, they are true fans.
They know what happened during the last race, last season, how many points separate the drivers and what they need to do in the race…
They follow it even if it means getting up at stupid o’ clock or watching it late into the night.


The ‘I went to the race’ crowd


These are people who go to the race in their city but really don’t care about the rest of it…


“Oh yeah, I was there and I thought.. ‘Blah blah’ did well this year!”


The glamour set


These are the people who honestly never even see a car, but hey, this is the place to be this weekend, so here they are.


They either spent lots of money or know someone who got them a ticket… They spend the entire weekend on Twitter and Instagram posting #F1 #GreatWeekend. But when you say ‘horsepower’, they say: ‘I didn’t see any horses!’


How about you? Are you a true F1 fan? Whatever type of attendee you identify with the most, we hope you’re enjoying the weekend as much as the FSW team are!
(#F1 #FSWEvents #FunTimes!)


Fiona Winterburn
Managing Director FSW Events